Ship Port and Rail Ramps


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Multiple Modes of Movement

Rail: Intermodal transportation by rail involves the use of specialized rail cars that can accommodate containers and trailers. Containers are loaded onto the rail cars at the origin terminal, and then transported to the destination terminal where they are offloaded and transported by truck to the final destination. Arbiter Express utilizes its experience and expertise in navigating some of the biggest rail ramps across the Midwest and Southern Ramps.

Truck: Intermodal transportation by truck involves the use of specialized trailers that can be transported by both truck and rail. Containers or trailers are loaded onto the specialized trailers at the origin terminal, transported to the rail yard, and then loaded onto rail cars for long-distance transport. Once the rail journey is complete, the containers or trailers are offloaded from the rail cars and transported to the final destination by truck.

Sea: Intermodal transportation by sea involves the use of containers or trailers that are transported by sea freight. Containers or trailers are loaded onto ships at the origin port, transported to the destination port, and then offloaded and transported to the final destination by truck or rail. This mode of intermodal transportation is typically used for international shipments or for domestic shipments that require long-distance transport over water. Arbiter Express' experience with Savannah, Charleston, and Gainesville Ports allow us to effective reduce port congestion fees for our customers.

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Company Chassis

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3 Benefits of company owned chassis

  • More reliable service: When a trucking company owns its own chassis, it has greater control over the transportation process. This means that they can ensure the equipment is well-maintained and readily available, leading to a more reliable and consistent service for the customer.
  • Faster turnaround times: Owning its own chassis can increase the efficiency of a trucking company's operations. This can lead to faster turnaround times for the transportation of goods, which can be especially important for time-sensitive shipments.
  • Cost-effective pricing: Owning its own chassis can help a trucking company to streamline its operations and reduce costs. This can translate into more competitive pricing for the customer, which can be a significant benefit in a competitive marketplace.

Other services

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Dry Van Truckload

From the Great Lakes of Michigan to the sunny shores of Georgia, we've got your region covered. With two strategically located terminals, we're dedicated to providing fast, reliable service that you can count on. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, we're committed to delivering your goods safely and efficiently. Let us take the wheel and help you achieve your regional transport goals today!

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Dedicated Contract Carriage

Tailored Solutions for Your Transportation Needs: Your Dedicated Partner in Carriage, Backed by Our Asset-Based Fleet

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